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Years of Experience in the Dry Cleaning Industry

All of the dry cleaning that we process comes with a complementary hand finish. All of the garments that we process are hand finished to the highest possible standard using the best possible tools and presses. Your laundry will be returned to you looking and smelling fresh! Here at Noor Dry Cleaners we know what we’re doing when it comes to dry cleaning ! we’ve got many years of experience in the business. If you’re looking for a professional dry cleaning company that don’t charge the earth you’re definitely in luck ! you’ve found us!

We care for every single item we Dry-Clean

When you entrust us with your dry cleaning job you can rest assured that your garments will be processed by staff with extensive knowledge and experience of fabric care. The dry cleaning process involves various detailed, complex cleaning stages. These stages are in place to ensure that your items are handed back in tiptop condition, and 100% clean! Whether it’s curtains or shirts, your dry cleaning will be ready to be hung or worn again as soon as you receive it back from us. We take great care with every single item that we dry clean, we take a quality over quantity approach unlike a lot of other dry cleaning companies out there. This is the main reason why our staff are equipped with the best tools and above standard training.

You can trust us with all your Dry Cleaning requirements

It doesn’t really matter what it is that you’d like us to dry clean from silks to fur to cocktail dresses to evening wear; we’ve got you covered here at Noor Dry Cleaners , With that said, just call us or Book your Collection on our website . to arrange for your laundry to be picked up, dry cleaned then dropped back off to you? For a professional, hand finished dry cleaning service there is no need to look anywhere else!


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Dry Cleaning

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