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You’ll find that materials such as suede, leather and sheepskin are extremely hard to clean using household appliances and products. We’re able to offer a professional suede cleaning service to our customers as we use only the best tools in the business, along with the best cleaning products in the business. We clean all suede items thoroughly and carefully returning them to you in tiptop condition.

Let your Clothing last longer.

Suede clothing is making a comeback, but some things never change that includes the fact that suede is notoriously hard to clean. There’s no point in throwing away you old suede clothing because you can’t clean it yourself, just let us do it for you. We’ll do a professional job in super-quick time. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Change your Item too.

Don’t forget that we also offer clothing repairs and alterations too. So if your suede attire becomes damaged or no longer fits you as it should, simply let us know and we’ll be able to repair or modify it for you. We’ve got a team of professional tailors in-house that will take care of it for you.

One other great service that we offer is we’ll collect your item from you. Whether you’re at home relaxing or working hard at the office, we’ll popover at a time that suits you and collect your item. We’ll then return it to you repaired, or altered and freshly cleaned at a time that suits you. We really can’t say fairer than that!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us right away about the suede cleaning service that we offer. Or alternatively why not book your collection online through our website today? We’ll be happy to assist you with your item. We also offer shoe repairs, a shirt ironing service, key cutting and much, much more. cleaning.

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The Management Reserved all the rights to refuse any garments.  Please contact counter for further details. 


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