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A professional Laundry Service for everyone and everything.

We’ll wash anything and everything when you take advantage of our laundry service! From coats to trousers, from curtains to bed spreads, our laundry service caters for the masses. We believe in offering a professional service to all of our customers. If you’re looking for a reliable laundry service that will collect you dirty washing and return it clean in super-quick time, we’re the people that you should come to. We won’t let you down!

A Laundry Service that cares for all your Items.

We use the very latest machinery and equipment when dry cleaning laundry for our customers. Our staff are all highly trained in what they do too, ensuring that your laundry is returned clean and in tiptop condition. We understand that different fabrics require different cleaning techniques, some need hotter temperatures than other. Our expert staff will ensure that your laundry is taken care of in the correct manner, every time. From your most expensive dinner suits through to t-shirts and curtains, our laundry service is perfect no matter what you’d like us to dry clean for you.

Remember to have a look through the other services that we offer whilst you’re online or in our store. We offer clothing repairs and amendments, wedding dress cleaning, suede and leather cleaning along with a key cutting and shoe repair services. We’re your one-stop shop for all of those little jobs that you might struggle to find time to do yourself. Our collect and deliver service stands us apart from our competitors because we’ll fit around you. Simply tell us when you’d like us to collect your laundry and when you’d like us to return it and we’ll be there!

What are you waiting for?Just call us to take advantage of the laundry service and dry cleaning solutions that we offer right away.Book your Collection through our website now.

DryCleaning Curtains


Making life more pleasant.

Pretty much every house, flat and apartment out there has at least one pair of curtains. They’re an important feature of any home and contrary to popular belief they’re far from being purely a decorative feature! Curtains are there for many reasons, including to blocking out light whilst you’re trying to sleep. Here at Noor Dry Cleaners we offer a professional curtain cleaning service to our customers. We’ll pick your curtains up, clean them properly and return them to you smelling and looking fresh. How does that sound?

It’s Healthy too!

Dirty curtains can cause lots of problems. First of all they’re an eye sore, especially if they’re at the front of your house for everyone to see as they pass by. Clean curtain is much nicer to look at even if you’re not particularly house proud! Dirty curtains can also play host to germs and bacteria and that’s not good for anyone.

We don’t just clean, we can repair and alter (and more..)!

We don’t just promise to clean your curtains we also can alter, repair and tailor your curtains, to make them perform a new function, make them as new, or fit into a new home. All of our seamsters are trained to the highest possible standard and they’re equipped with the very best tools for the job. We don’t do things by halves and we believe in offering a supreme service when amending curtains for our clients.

If you don’t have the time to drop your curtains into us then there’s no need to worry. Our collection and delivery service is available to all customers that live in the vicinity of our Richmond shop. Whether you’ve got one pair of curtain that need to be cleaned, or even 10 pairs, we’re the people that you should come to! For a prompt, professional service at competitive prices, be sure to call us– or drop into our Noor Dry Clean Shop today we’ll be glad to assist you.

Dry Cleaning


Years of Experience in the Dry Cleaning Industry.

All of the dry cleaning that we process comes with a complementary hand finish. All of the garments that we process are hand finished to the highest possible standard using the best possible tools and presses.

Your laundry will be returned to you looking and smelling fresh! Here at Noor Dry Cleaners we know what we’re doing when it comes to dry cleaning ! we’ve got many years of experience in the business. If you’re looking for a professional dry cleaning company that don’t charge the earth you’re definitely in luck ! you’ve found us!

We care for every single item we Dry-Clean.

When you entrust us with your dry cleaning job you can rest assured that your garments will be processed by staff with extensive knowledge and experience of fabric care. The dry cleaning process involves various detailed, complex cleaning stages. These stages are in place to ensure that your items are handed back in tiptop condition, and 100% clean! Whether it’s curtains or shirts, your dry cleaning will be ready to be hung or worn again as soon as you receive it back from us. We take great care with every single item that we dry clean, we take a quality over quantity approach unlike a lot of other dry cleaning companies out there. This is the main reason why our staff are equipped with the best tools and above standard training.

You can trust us with all your Dry Cleaning requirements.

It doesn’t really matter what it is that you’d like us to dry clean from silks to fur to cocktail dresses to evening wear; we’ve got you covered here at Noor Dry Cleaners , With that said, just Call US or Book your Collection on our website . to arrange for your laundry to be picked up, dry cleaned then dropped back off to you? For a professional, hand finished dry cleaning service there is no need to look anywhere else!

Dry Clean or Wash Shirts


We punch the dirt out of your shirts.


At Noor Dry Clean our specialized shirt service guarantees a “ready-to-wear” shirt with clean, crisp collars and cuffs and a professional finish that will make you look and feel your very best.

If you have an extreme dislike for ironing shirts, say good bye to those tedious nights of ironing business shirts.Let us take the hassle away and deliver you washed, pressed shirts at an amazing 5 Shirts for just £ 7.

 What is the Process ?

Noor Dry Clean  offer exquisitely laundered, hand finished shirts which can be placed on hangers or folded.Shirts are initially pre-treated for stains and then undergo a collar and cuff scrub to make sure that all the grease and grime areas are prepared before the washing cycle.

The shirts then undergo a full washing cycle using quality soaps and conditioners, ensuring a deep and thorough wash.After the drying process, every shirt is pressed by the latest in shirt-pressing technology and then presented on a hanger with a protective clear cover.

Our aim is to provide a professional and personal service with which you will be 100% satisfied.We have a return hanger policy; please return your hangers to us for re use, let us all help the environment.

Join the smart crowd and drop your shirts into a Noor Dry Clean, today.

Wedding Dresses


We at Noor Dry Cleaners understand the importance and sentiment of your precious wedding dress . In order to prevent and protect your most cherished dress , it is important that you have it professionally clean by a specialist and package for safe storing . We have gained reputation for cleaning our customers most cherish dresses and very exclusively recommended by the number of boutiques across London.

Alterations & Repairs


Clothing Tailoring, Repairs & Alterations.

If you’re looking for a team of professional tailors to carry our alterations and repairs on your clothing, you’ve definitely come to the right place! Here at Noor Dry Clean, we specialise in alterations and repairs on all different kinds of garments from t-shirts to trousers. No matter how big or small the alteration or repair job is, you can rest assured that we’ll be able to complete it for you quickly and professionally. So what are you waiting for? You just need to call us or book your collection right here on our website straight away.

Alterations & Repairs to other Items.

We don’t just alter and repair clothes; we can also work on things like curtains, duvet sets, throws and more! No matter what needs to be altered or repaired, our skilled team of tailors is up to any task. All of our tailors are trained to the highest level and we only use the very best tools, ensuring every job is completed to the highest standard.

Save some money on your Clothes.

Clothes aren’t getting any cheaper, so instead of going out and buying a whole new wardrobe each year, it really does make sense to repair any clothes showing slight signs of damage. It also makes sense to have alterations performed on clothes that aren’t quite keeping with the latest fashion. You’d be surprised at how different a pair of trousers can look after just a couple of hours of alterations. They’ll go from being completely unfashionable, to extremely trendy!

For the best service and the best prices in the Sudbury Hill, Sudbury Town, Harrow, Wembley, Greenford, Ealing, Pinner & surrounding areas be sure to come to us here at Noor Dry Clean just around the corner from Sudbury Hill tube Station for all of your alterations and repairs. You’ll struggle to find another company out there that offers a service as good as ours be sure to book your collection today.



Our Special Process.

You’ll find that materials such as suede, leather and sheepskin are extremely hard to clean using household appliances and products. We’re able to offer a professional suede cleaning service to our customers as we use only the best tools in the business, along with the best cleaning products in the business. We clean all suede items thoroughly and carefully returning them to you in tiptop condition.

Let your Clothing last longer.

Suede clothing is making a comeback, but some things never change that includes the fact that suede is notoriously hard to clean. There’s no point in throwing away you old suede clothing because you can’t clean it yourself, just let us do it for you. We’ll do a professional job in super-quick time. You definitely won’t be disappointed.

Change your Item too.

Don’t forget that we also offer clothing repairs and alterations too. So if your suede attire becomes damaged or no longer fits you as it should, simply let us know and we’ll be able to repair or modify it for you. We’ve got a team of professional tailors in-house that will take care of it for you.

One other great service that we offer is we’ll collect your item from you. Whether you’re at home relaxing or working hard at the office, we’ll popover at a time that suits you and collect your item. We’ll then return it to you repaired, or altered and freshly cleaned at a time that suits you. We really can’t say fairer than that!

So what are you waiting for? Contact us right away about the suede cleaning service that we offer. Or alternatively why not book your collection online through our website today? We’ll be happy to assist you with your item. We also offer shoe repairs, a shirt ironing service, key cutting and much, much more. cleaning.



We Are Here To Fix Your Shoes ,We will take care of everything else just drop your shoes in our shop and stay back and relax.

Hate Ironing? We Love It.


Why Don’t you do what you really want to do ? If this make good sense, then let us do it for you . with today’s busy  lifestyles would not you rather be spending time with the family ? Now you can just contacting Noor Ironing Service.

Iron Only :-

Shirt ,Trouser ,Dresses, Jacket , Wedding Dresses , Punjabi Suits, Saree , Uniforms , Coat , Skirt etc .

Household Ironing :- 

Bed Sheets, Bed Covers, Duvet Covers , Pillow Covers .

We welcome all your laundry , we love it . You can rely on our unrivalled experience  to provide a top quality guaranteed service  that you will want to use time by time ,again and again.


Dry Cleaning Punjabi Dresses


Due to their delicate nature , most people worry about Punjabi Suit & Sarees cleaning and do not want to risk having their delicate traditional outfits  treated.

At Noor Dry Cleaners we can put those fears to rest. We operate with the latest and most delicate cleaning processes . This combined with our experience and expertise enables us to clean Sarees and traditional outfits regardless of materials, embroidery, beads or sequins .



Saree & Blouse link to each other and look fantastic when they are clean and pressed. Due to their high prices, mostly people’s worry about Saree & Blouse  cleaning and do not want to risk having their delicate traditional outfits  treated.

At Noor Dry Cleaners we can put those fears to rest. We operate with the latest and most delicate cleaning processes . This combined with our experience and expertise enables us to clean Sarees and traditional outfits regardless of materials, embroidery, beads or sequins .



Dry cleaning is a great way of increasing the life of your child’s expensive uniform.

Noor Dry Clean is well known for achieving amazing results with those kilts and blazers that get covered with a multitude of stains.

The best time to clean or repair your family’s school uniforms is in the holidays. Be sure and drop them in early to have them ready on time.

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